Living Well

As most of you know, Matt’s second to last sermon discussed dying well. In it, he mentioned living well. He said that if we want to die well we must live well. What does it mean to live well?

Biblically living well means that our lives will glorify God. How do we glorify God? The bible tells us how we can live in such a way as to honor Him. So, first and foremost if we want to make much of Him on this earth we must know His word. This knowledge would not be a casual knowledge but a knowledge that has a verse for the way that you live. A verse that tells you how you will be a daughter of God and of man, a friend, an employer, a wife, and a mother. A verse that guides you in how you will react to authority, in the work place, and in local government as well as federal. Verses that help you to think, speak, and act in a way that will show your Savior to all you come in contact with.

We need to know what God expects of us in the mundane as well as the wonderful and also in tragedy. The mundane can be difficult since that’s where we are tempted most. Happy times can also be a challenge in that we can sometimes drift away from Him when things are going well. But, to me, in times of tragedy would be the most difficult. We know that we are still called to honor Him no matter what but how will we react if the unthinkable happens?

It seems as though some of the most challenging situations would be those of the persecuted, of Joni Erickson Tada who is a quadriplegic and has also had to battle cancer, my friend Becky who has had MS for 30 years, which is longer than she has  enjoyed good health, or my friend Janice who has a young daughter who has been  battling cancer for years. Job also comes to mind.

I cannot imagine living in their shoes, not even for a day! I pray for these folks often. How would I have the strength to honor Him if He gave these severe trials to me? I  hear my husband saying, “He hasn’t called you to this type of life right now.” And I am very thankful for that but what if He did? Now I remember Bruce’s sermon the week before last and I know that God doesn’t want me to live in the area of the “what if.” I also know that I want to honor my Lord if this type of affliction was what He has for me later in life. How could I prepare myself to give Him glory if any of these things happened to me?

I think that the best way that I could grow to make much of Him, regardless of what comes my way, is to live well right where He has me at this point in my life. To diligently fill my mind with the knowledge of God, of my Savior, of  their greatness, love for me, faithfulness, compassion, grace, mercy, righteousness, and utter holiness. To be busy about the good works that He prepared for me before time. To purpose to show those He brings into my life Jesus. If I’m careful to live this way it seems to me that I will be ready if the time ever comes that I must suffer in order to suffer in a way that shows others my hope.

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