Advice and Counsel vs Opinion

adviceA friend of mine recently posted that we should be careful not to confuse advice and counsel with opinions. She said that if we wanted opinions we should go to friends that are our age but that if we wanted advice or counsel we should seek out a godly older person. If we need counsel what does a godly older person look like? For that matter, if we’re looking for opinions should we ask anyone or should we ask a godly person? What is a godly person?

If we’re making life decisions we are told in the Word of God that a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel. For those who love Him wise counsel is godly counsel. Godly counsel should be sought from a godly, older person. Matt has explained that a godly person is godly because He is included in their life, in their decision making, He is precious to them. Godly folks want to do what He wants them to do so they are diligent readers of the Bible. They consistently study the Word, they memorize it. They have verses that tell them how they should live in every area of their life. God’s word is valuable to these people and they know that they need to listen to Him to successfully follow Him.

We can only identify older, godly people by watching them. Over time we will see how they handle life, trials, and good times. We will begin to see what is important to them as well as what is not acceptable to them. I remember a woman who I met  shortly after I was saved. This woman was a submissive and respectful wife, even when it was difficult. She was a caring mom who brought her children up in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Her main concern was that her children knew all about God. She could quote scripture with the best of them and she applied those verses to her life. She wasn’t in leadership and she didn’t have much money, her house was a work in progress, but she had what I wanted. She was a godly woman. I decided that this was the woman I wanted to disciple me. I asked her and she said yes!

When I need advice I go to an older, godly person. These folks have been around the block a few times more than me. They have been there and done that and seen the results. I want to seek their counsel for places that I haven’t gone yet, things that I haven’t experienced. It gives me great comfort to know, from watching them, that I can go to them when I need godly counsel for answers that will bring my Lord glory.

It is also important to have godly friends that we can discuss life with and hear their opinions. Our Lord has blessed me with many godly friends, peers, folks close to my age as well as those younger than me. I was just speaking with thankfulness of how my kids are now people who I consider godly friends. I want to know their opinions. I also enjoy talking with my friends about our Father. This in and of itself is such a blessing! If you love Him you can’t help but want to speak of Him and all the wonders of our great God. I also want to know what they think about various life issues but these are not the folks who I go to for counsel.

I pray that you have godly friends to enjoy life with as well as to bear your burdens. I also pray that you have godly counselors to guide you through life’s obstacles in such a way as to show others our Lord and Savior. If you are lacking in these areas I recommend that you ask your elders’ wives for direction. They will be able to point you to some godly people and counselors.


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