A Year in HomeMaking: Redeeming the Mundane {Week 3}


Today, I wanted to hit on some easy little tips that I have picked up from various women over the years that have helped me out with my spiritual disciplines.  They will be brief, but hoping they will be practical for you.

As a mommy of four, I have LAUNDRY to do all the time.  Folding all of that laundry can become a daunting task.  It is necessary to do, and another woman gave me the idea of using that time to pray for each member of my family.  As I am folding each piece of laundry, I will be lifting up simple prayers about the person whose laundry I am folding.  This has turned something mundane into a sweet time of focused prayer for my family.

With how technology-centered we have all become, we can easily fall into the habit of picking up that phone or pulling up anything we want to “check” at any moment of the day.  Fasting is something that I don’t always put in the forefront of my mind.  I had spoken with Esme in the past and she told me that she had a set day of the week that she would fast alongside a couple other women.  They would choose a topic of prayer for the week.  I think this is a great practical way of fasting.  For me, I would love to set up a small group of women and have a specific day of the week where we do a technology fast and then every time we have the urge to check something, or pick up that phone, pray for our church leaders, women of the church, men of the church, government, etc.

My husband has given me a great way to have a great time of Bible reading, while also training my children to have a time of quiet reading.  I have heard other moms (myself included) say that they have a hard time having a good quiet time during the day because the kids are running around and loud.  The days where I have implemented this have been days where I have had a great time of reading and prayer.  At the beginning, it will be more work, as I had to train the girls to choose enough books where they would have to sit on the couch for 30min and just “read” quietly.  But after a few times, they did a great job.  I want to implement this as a daily routine.  Right now, I have been having my quiet time while the kids are eating breakfast, but sometimes that just feels rushed.  This could be a very practical way of having a quiet time and training that into your children too!

Lastly, our Worship Team at Missio Dei Fellowship has been doing a great job keeping up with the Spotify playlist of music that we sing on Sunday mornings.  If you have not checked that website out, it is truly a great resource to have.  My children have learned so many of the songs that we sing by listening to them while I have the list on Spotify playing.  Go to Spotify.com and set up an account.  Search for David Hamilton and look at his playlists.  You will see one called “MDF LIVE Song List.”  You will be able to follow it and have it in your favorites.  I love having the music playing while I am cleaning and the kids are playing.

I hope that these little tips and tricks might help you.

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