A Year in HomeMaking: the Discipline of Praise {Week 4}


I recently went through a study of the book “The Cross-Centered Life” by C.J. Mahaney with a group of ladies.  One objective that really struck me was “a cross centered life is made up of cross centered days.”  The chapter in which this quote is found is about the importance of daily devotion to the spiritual disciplines.  Mr. Mahaney brought up a discipline that I had never considered as a daily discipline.  And that is daily praise (singing the gospel).

Not only is this discipline not time consuming, but it can make the most mundane activities redemptive moments!

After reading this, every morning after my bible time, I turn on Pandora radio and start picking up the house, or cleaning the kitchen while Quinn eats breakfast.  And these mornings have been such a blessing!  Not only is my praise a natural reaction to what I have just read out of God’s Word, but also it transforms my mindset for the remaining day.

I’d like to encourage you to take up this discipline! Think of a mundane chore, whether folding laundry, making an Excel spread sheet, driving, doing the dishes (mine!) and instead of doing it in silence, listen to gospel-centered music! It is so beneficial to your soul!

I’d like to give you some tools for making listening easy.  If you play music off of your computer, phone, or tablet there are applications that are very easy to use.

Pandora Radio: This can be downloaded on your smartphone or tablet in your App store.  Also,it can run off of your computer on Pandora.com.

-All you do is type in a song or artist, and the application will craft a radio station compiled of artists and songs that relate to that song in style, theme, etc.

Spotify: You have to have a Facebook account for this one.  This can also be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet in your App store.  To download it to your computer, simply visit Spotify.com.

  • I prefer Spotify, because on your home computer you can look up any artist, album or song and listen to it for free as many times as you want.  You can also make playlists, compiled of your favorite songs! So, for example, you can make a playlist entitled “Daily Praise” and listen to it while you work/drive/clean.

  • You can also follow your Facebook friends’ playlists. This is REALLY HUGE! Because, people like me, David Hamilton and Patrick O’Keefe have Spotify Accounts.  So say you just want to listen to the music we sing at Missio, David has a playlist for that! It’s called “MDF LIVE SONG LIST.” All you would have to do is click “follow” and wa-la! you can listen to all the songs we sing.  Or perhaps, you’d like to familiarize yourself with the new song we sang on Sunday, you will find it on that playlist and all other songs we are contemplating doing in the near future are on Spotify too.  Dave, Pat and I each have a playlist that is full of songs we are considering. All you have to do is look up our name in the search engine and click “follow” under the playlist you want and they will be right there on your screen, and you’ll be able to see when we add to them.  Pretty cool, huh? You gotta love social networking.

If you are more of a CD or iTunes person, some albums I would definitely consider buying are any by Sovereign Grace Music.  We choose a lot of our new songs from their albums. Specifically, their newer albums entitled “Our Song From Age to Age” and “Risen” are *awesome* albums.  Their lyrics are directly from the Word and completely trustworthy.

Sovereign Grace’s most recent Albums:

Another fun new band is Rend Collective Experiment. Some of their newer albums I would recommend are:

Another band that I got introduced to by Pastor Matt actually, is Page CXVI.

They do updated hymns mostly, but are super creative.

Albums by Page CXVI:

(All of these albums can be accessed on Spotify too!)

My favorite band is King’s Kaleidoscope, check them out!

These artists are faithful to proclaim God’s Word through song, so sit back, listen and then praise!

I pray that this discipline will enrich your daily life as it has mine!

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  1. Thanks for the suggestions for resources for those of us using CDs. I really appreciate it! I’ve been looking for some that have songs that we sing on Sundays. We can’t hear our computer from anywhere in the house where I’m doing the “mundane” things, except for when I’m working on my piles in the office! 🙂 I was also excited to learn that the weekly church playlists are on David’s Spotify (thank you, Kendal, I think for mentioning that in an earlier blog). All good ways to turn our focus towards the beauty of our Creator and Savior.

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