A Year in Homemaking: Using Google Calendar {Week 2}

9F7DB8EB-86CC-4857-A682-1F9C3F86E487To start off our Homemaking 52 week series, I would like to tell you about Google Calendar and how it is such a great tool for keeping our family in sync and attempting to manage my time well within my home. (I could be a lot better at time management than I am right now.)

My husband and I both have Google email accounts (which are free). With our email accounts, a calendar application (as well as a myriad of other applications) is included as one of the tools that Google offers.  Our calendar is synced with our smartphones, tablets, and computers. You can access the calendar with any computer, anywhere.   The more kids I have had, the more the necessity grows to write stuff down or I WILL forget!  I write down appointments, get-togethers, reminders to take vitamins, memory verse reminders for the kids, and LOTS more.   You can personalize exactly how you are reminded of these events, from emails, to alerts on your phone, to pop-ups on your computer screen and more.

But, the best part about this calendar is….  You can merge your entire family’s calendar into one.  That makes me so giddy and happy inside. I’m a nerd.   I synced my husband’s calendar to mine, and vica versa.  Now, we can both see each other’s calendar and plan accordingly.  For example, my husband knows ahead of time that he should go to the gym from 5-6p, because he saw that I have my bible study group from 7-9p; or I know that my husband has a conference call at 7pm, so I should not plan to have people over at the time.  When my children get older, I will incorporate their own calendar into mine as well (each person or item can be a different color for easy identifying).

Ok, I just know you all are biting at the bit to go create your very own Google account now (if you don’t already have one of course).  I was going to write up a step by step tutorial on how to do this, but one of my favorite bloggers on organizing already accomplished this. So, I will gladly save two hours of my precious time and link to her tutorial for you all.  If you have any questions, or need help with getting started, please feel free to ask me.



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  1. I love Google Calendar! Excellent idea.

  2. Faith Worden says:

    I haven’t found a space for a todo list on Google Calendar, does it have one?

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