A Year in Homemaking: SkinnyTaste.com {Week 13}


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My favorite recipe blogger is Gina from the website skinnytaste.com I have been following her since the birth of our first child, and the reason I remember that is because it was after that pregnancy when Mark and I looked at ourselves and said, “We need to do something.”  We had both put on pregnancy weight, and were feeling tired and unmotivated (which may have had to do with having a newborn as well). This isn’t our normal though, especially for Mark who loves to be very active.   

So, then came the new expectation of my cooking Mark laid on me in five words, “I can’t eat anymore crap.”  Let the pinning begin!  As soon as I started searching for healthy recipes I came across Gina’s blog.  Her recipes are extremely easy, and she is a mom, so they are kid friendly too! She has everything from hors d’oeuvres to dessert, from Christmas to Fourth of July.  And, of course, there is a simple search engine if you have in mind something specific.  She updates weekly with delicious new recipes!  Each one is low-fat, nutrient-rich, and simple! I love it!

Check out her blog, and get inspired this spring to have some easy, healthier meals!

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