A Year of Homemaking: Organizing Artwork with Artkive {Week 11}

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I think it’s safe to say that we can only fit so many pieces of artwork from our kids on the refrigerator. And, if you are anything like me, you wait until the kids aren’t looking to “recycle” it into the garbage can, while making sure that its covered up so that they don’t see it inside the garbage can.  

artkive picKeeping childrens’ art can be an organizing nightmare. It’s so great to see how they grow and mature through their artwork, so we like to keep it around. Sure, you can organize a paper filing system in a cabinet. But, let me offer up another idea. Artkive.  Yep…there’s an app for that. ha.

Artkive is an app (for Android or IPhone) that allows the user to capture photos of all the artwork (or anything) you want.  You are able to sort all the artwork pictures under each child who created them, along with grade, age, and title.  You can even share each piece of artwork with Daddy, Grandma, aunts, friends, whoever you want with just a click of a button through the app. But, that’s not all. Once you have saved up enough artwork, the app can create a photobook that you can purchase and have shipped to you.  I just love little ways like this one to help me organize.
artkive pic 2
Ideas for this app (besides the obvious):
-capturing all their different lego creations
-PlayDoh creations
-creative play with toys 
-capturing photos of valentine’s or other gifts
-creating a photobook of all your kid’s kindergarten (or 1st, 2nd, etc…) artwork or classwork 
-pictures of their outdoor sidewalk chalk creations

I want to hear more ideas from YOU in the comments below!


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