A Year of Homemaking: Spring Cleaning with CleanMama {Week 10}

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 One of the various bloggers I follow on Facebook is a lady who goes by CleanMama. I first started following her when I saw on her page that she had a daily task/chore for each day of the week Once you start following her, each day she posts a reminder for what task is to be completed that day. I wasn’t the hugest fan of this, simply because my cleaning consists of keeping up with everything so that everything is a little job. Her suggestion seemed like doing one single big job each day. I could envision myself looking around at all of the big jobs needing to be done, and never be satisfied with the meager one big job I had done that day.  

However, recently, she posted a Spring Cleaning blog-post that is very helpful. She explains two methods, “Assembly line vs. Room-by-Room,” and which one is most effective for her. 

She also provides a link to a checklist, which I found extremely helpful! The checklist prevents one from starting a bunch of little jobs and never finishing them. I love organization! 

So, check this post out! Spring is FINALLY upon us. The time has come to dust off those winter cobwebs and mop those salt-encrusted floors! Happy cleaning!



  1. Linda C. says:

    The link to assembly line vs. room-by-room doesn’t work. I did eventually find it (by accident) on CleanMama’s blog.

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