A Year in Homemaking: Target Money Saving {Week 15}

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This week, I wanted to share with you some of the many ways you can save money if you are a Target shopper.  As a homemaker, I go to Target often to pick up quick groceries, diapers, browse the clearance clothing racks, and for gifts.  With four kiddos, Target is an easy store for me to take my whole crew with me to get out of the house.  Target has recently added many ways to save in their store and I will share as many as I can think of with you.

We will start with those of you that receive a sales ad each week.  Don’t just toss it aside or throw it away.  Use it to see if there are any good deals to match up other ways to save.  Also, many times there are coupons to clip right there in the ad.  They will usually be a certain $ amount off of your purchase from a specific department in the store.   These are great to use with your many manufacturer and other target coupons for specific products.  Example: Coupon states $10 off your purchase of $30 of more household products.  You purchase $30 in household cleaners and other items and you also have manufacturer coupons and Target coupons to go with those individual items.  When you head to the register, you will hand them your $10 off coupon you found in your ad and then all of the rest of your coupons to score some great deals!!

If you receive a Sunday newspaper, clip those coupons and save them!!  Not only will you find manufacturer coupons in there, but many times there will be Target Store coupons!  When purchasing a product you are allowed to use a store coupon AND a manufacturer coupon!  Example:  You have a $1 off Tide detergent manufacturer coupon and a $1 off Tide detergent Target coupon.  You can use both of these on one bottle of Tide to save $2!

Next, there are printable coupons on the Target site.  You will choose the discounts that you would like to print. These can be used in the same way as the Target store coupons you find in the newspaper as described above. 

TargetIf you have a cell phone there are two ways to save, mobile coupons and the Cartwheel app.  To sign up to receive mobile coupons, you will go to the mobile section of their website.  Here, you can scroll down and fill out your information to receive these great coupons.  They will be texted to your phone and you will be able to have the cashier scan the barcode in the text to receive the discounts.  Also, you will want to download the Cartwheel app.  This app allows you to receive even more great discounts.  Target offers a % off on items from all of their different departments in the store.   You will add these discounts to your Cartwheel and then when you check out, show the cashier your barcode and the discounts will come off.  You can use your Cartwheel savings alongside your manufacturer coupons AND Target coupons.  There is also a function in the app where you can scan all of the items in your cart and find out if there are any extra discounts on items you are already purchasing. 

Lastly, there is the Target Red Card.  This can either be a credit card or a debit card that is linked with your bank account.  This card will save 5% on your purchase (that is on top of all of the other discounts mentioned above) and you will also receive free shipping on your online orders when using your card.

If you are like me, you will look at all of these different options and feel a little overwhelmed at first.  I would encourage you to check out this great blog, Totally Target.  This blogger does a great job listing the weekly deals and all of the ways to save on those items, clearance items that she finds, and price cuts that she has found throughout the store.   The layout of her deal matchups are very easy to follow.  Check her out!

I hope this is a help to those of you who shop at Target as often as I do.  This is just one way where we can save on things that we are already purchasing for our households.  Saving on our groceries and other items that we purchase will free up funds to allow us to show hospitality to others by having them over for dinner or to be able to apply that money toward other kingdom work.  Yes, it is work, but well worth it.

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