A Year in Homemaking: 5 Minute Make-up! Enhancing the Beauty That’s Already There {Week 19}

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Life can be (and most often is) crazy.  From school and work to diapers and homework, we can often find ourselves grasping for just a little more time in the day.  

When I first became pregnant with Quinn I heard so many stories about the busy life of a mother. In order to prepare myself I took to the Internet, more specifically Pinterest.  One of the main areas I explored was quick ways to daily keep up your appearance.  I didn’t want to be completely consumed with motherhood and being a home-keeper that I utterly neglected the fact that I was a wife!  I didn’t want Mark to come home to a sad, or even scary creature that he couldn’t recognize! I say this partly in jest, but we all have our crazy days!

WAG Makeup CollageThus, the birth of my 5 minute make-up routine! It was a frequent theme, “The 5 – Minute Make-up Routine” in the various sources I found.  I include one example here, but there are many more.  I like this girl’s example because it is very similar to my own.  It only takes a few make-up products and they are all on budget! (Gotta love that).  

In my routine, I use 4 (sometimes 5) items. They are:

  1. BB crème
  2. Eye highlighter/light shade eye shadow
  3. Mascara
  4. Blush
  5. Eyeliner- if I have time

And in that order!

BB crème: this is an awesome invention.  Not only does it moisturize, minimize pours, and cover up those dark circles, but it protects your skin from the sun too! It’s make-up, sunscreen and concealer in one, now that’s a bargain. (I use Rimmel’s brand, very affordable.)

Eye Highlighter/light shade eye shadow:  You can buy the highlighter in pencil form which makes it even quicker to apply, or if you already have a very light off-white or beige eye-shadow with a  shimmer to it you can apply that with your finger.   I apply these just below my brow, the inside corner of my eye, and the outside corner of my eye right above the cheek-bone, blending it in with my finger.  **Of all the steps, this is the most important.  This brightens up your eyes so much and makes you look awake/alive. (lol)**

Mascara: There are so many budget brands of mascara that work just great.  I use Rimmel London to name one. This step takes literally seconds.  Just 3 or 4 brushes to the lashes is plenty of mascara to make a difference.

Blush: Makes it look like you have blood flowing in your face! Yay, for that! (Some women don’t have this problem so this step can be omitted for you, and you can call it your 4-minute make-up routine 🙂

Eyeliner: This one I’m flexible with. If I have time, or even right before I know Mark with be home from work I’ll quickly freshen up and apply a little eye-liner.  This brings out the natural beauty all eyes have. (And gives you a little more of an evening look)

Va-va-voom, your husband won’t know what hit him!

Do you have any make-up products that you love? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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