A Year in Homemaking: DIY Girly Hairstyles & DIY Headband {Week 18}

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I have no experience with fun hairstyles.  I have three little girls who want to look like a “princess” and this mama has no tricks up her sleeve when it comes to being able to execute a pretty hairstyle.  Growing up, I either wore my hair down or in a ponytail.  That was about it.  I can maneuver a curling iron or flat iron with ease, but that is it.  I decided that it was time to start learning some different techniques and broaden my horizon.  I can see this being a fun bonding one-on-one time with my girls, especially if mama can learn a style that takes longer than 1-2 minutes… Ha!  

A couple weeks ago, I found a really great YouTube channel that gives step-by-step tutorials on different little girl hairstyles. (Many can be used on mom too!) It is called Cute Girls Hairstyles. I decided that this would be a fun thing to do each week with my little ladies.  I let them view the pictures of the different hairstyles and choose which one they really liked.  This last week Jaina asked for me to make her hair look like Princess Merida from the movie Brave. I was not surprised that we started with a Disney princess, but I loved the outcome!  Of course Grace decided that she wanted the exact same hairstyle! Here are the two looks.  This is the Brave tutorial that I used.  Mindy from Cute Girls Hairstyles is often a guest on the Disney Style Channel.

Merida hair for blog

While watching some of the tutorials, I found this great tool for helping with creating a bun in the girls hair.  These Bun Maker Donuts are really great!!  I just put the hair in a pony, slipped the bun maker on, adjusted the hair to cover the bun maker and then secured it with another elastic.  Voila!!  Instant perfect bun!  

perfect hair bun blog

I love some of the boutique beautiful hair pieces that are out there, but I am not interested in paying the price for them.  We found a great tutorial for creating a beautiful feather headband.  I would love to share the steps with you!!  I made a trip to Hobby Lobby and picked up the feathers, headbands, and felt square.

diy headband blog

To begin, you will want to cut a teardrop shape out of the felt to match the backside of the feathers (Picture #3 above).  The feathers I purchased are already attached to a piece of fabric.  (Love the cheater way!)  Next, plug in your hot glue gun.  While that is heating, put the headband on and decide where you would like the feathers to start. We started ours just above the ear which is approximately 2 inches from the end of the headband.  Then, you can run a line of glue on the headband starting at the spot you would like the feathers to start and going a few inches up on the headband.  Carefully apply the feathers to the headband, lining the headband down the center of the feather piece (Picture #4 above).  Add more glue from the other side to ensure that the entire feather piece is attached to the headband.  Next, take your teardrop felt piece and line that up to the feather piece (Picture #5 above). Run a line of glue down the inside of the headband the length of the feather piece; Attach your felt teardrop.  Go back and add glue to the sides to be sure that the felt piece is completely attached to the feather piece. Allow to cool and remove any little strings of glue that you see.  You are now ready to apply the headband to whatever hairstyle you would like to wear!  Above is an example of the headband with a bun and with curly hair. Love it!!

Right now it is just fun girly time, but as I said, I would love for this to turn into a tradition and great one-on-one time with each girl.  Hope this was helpful!!

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