A Year of Homemaking: Beginner Fruit & Veggie Garden {Week 21}

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garden postThis year we have decided to try our hand at gardening.  I chuckle in my head every time I say that because I had previously given myself the nickname “black thumb.”  (You know like “green thumb” except for the fact that I tend to kill every plant/flower that I come in contact with.)  Our family loves fruits and vegetables, and with four growing little ones, we thought this would be a fun project to do with them.  This is a great way to do hard work together and, Lord willing, reap the benefits of our hard work.  Knowing how much we spend on produce from week to week, I am excited to start harvesting in a few months.  

We decided to build three 4’x4’ raised garden beds. We made these out of cedar boards and cedar posts.  The kids “helped” building as much as they could.  More like… handing deck screws to Jake when necessary. From this point there was a lot of trial and error.  In the photos, you will see that we attached weed barrier to the boxes.  We ended up tilling up the ground and removing the weed barrier.  Each box ended up with added potting soil, compost, and peat moss.  I think in the end we added 25 bags of potting soil, 4 -5 bags of compost, and a huge cube of peat moss.  

garden post 2We decided to go with the “square foot garden” model for actually planting everything.  We started by sectioning off the garden into 1’x1’ squares and then set all of the plants into the section where they would be planted.  Make sure to draw a diagram of where you are planting everything.  Below you will see our diagram of everything that was planted.  (Please keep in mind this is our first attempt.  You may not want to copy exactly what we have done… 😉  You can search around on the internet/Pinterest for square foot garden diagrams.  

We also planted a blueberry bush to the right of the raised beds.  Now it is just time to weed, water, and wait. Praying for a great harvest!

I plan to do some follow-up posts in the upcoming months to let you see how everything is doing!!

Happy gardening!!


  1. Linda C. says:

    There is little that is as rewarding as investing in the labor of a garden and then reaping the harvest. Really, for not too much effort you can reap great rewards! Such a great activity to do with the kids. Can learn so much from gardening! Looking forward to seeing how your little garden grows!

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