A Year in Homemaking: A Helpful Kitchen App {Week 23}

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paprika-hero-2The older I get, the more I forget. One thing that I am trying to do to help myself in this area is – USE TECHNOLOGY. Siri and I are becoming good friends. I have reminders set on my phone all day long. It beeps at me to remind me to take the garbage to the front, to take my pills, to pick up the dry cleaning, all day long it chirps at me to keep me on track.

One thing that has been really helpful for me is to use an app that lets me make a menu and a grocery list at the same time. My app allows me to input all of my favorite recipes, which I need to do because like I said, the older I get, the more I forget… plus it allows me to quickly add recipes from the internet. It has a special place for me to do a weekly or monthly menu and while using the recipes I select, it automatically makes a grocery list. How cool is that!

Now I never have to wonder if I have everything I need for that special recipe. Just a quick look in the pantry before I head to the store and I know that I will have everything I need for every recipe in my menu planner.

The other nice thing is that now I have all of my recipes in the same place. It happened more than once that I bought all the ingredients for a recipe and then forgot where I saw that recipe. Did I mention that I am forgetful?

The app I use is called Paprika, but I am sure there are others out there that are free. Do you have a favorite? How do you make technology work for you?

paprika collage(Click to enlarge screenshots of the Paprika app)

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