A Year in Homemaking: DIY Wall Decor + Fun Date Night Idea {Week 25}

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Today, Rebekah is sharing with us how to create your own wall decor with creative canvas paintings.  You can do this project by yourself, or as a fun project with the kids, or even as a fun date night with the hubby.  We would love to see the photos of your canvas if you decide to try this tutorial (share them on our Facebook page.)  Have fun!


photo 2 (1)1. Supplies

Two canvases (or one if you prefer; I used two so my husband and I could do it together.) You can get a two pack of canvas in various sizes (this size, 16×20, was $7.99 at Hobby Lobby). Next is acrylic paint. It’s the easiest to use on the canvas for new painters. I chose the Master’s Touch brand for $3.99 each. To save on costs I bought primary colors to mix and make others, along with white. I chose Titanium White, Yellow Med, Ultramarine (blue), Permanent Red. Then I needed brushes. I bought a fun pack of assorted brushes for $5.50, all at Hobby Lobby. Be sure to paint on a solid floor or table, no carpet. Acrylic paint can stain cloth quite badly; but, on a solid floor it easily comes up with a simple wet wipe. For extra precaution, lay down cardboard or an old sheet or old towel, just for that extra precaution. You are ready to get started!

photo 42. Time to Paint!

Set your brushes in water; acrylic paint spreads better with a little water. I did this with my family, letting the kids paint and mix the colors. Acrylic paint is not toxic, but to avoid it getting in toddler mouths I opted for brushes instead of fingers; although, if you keep a close watch, fingers are a fun alternative. I placed the paint on the canvas for the kids to smoosh around. If you are doing this by yourself, feel free to put your paint on a paper plate. Spread the paint around, play with colors, mix and have fun. Do it alone or with your family, or just with your significant other for a fun date night. Have fun with it! Be sure to paint over the edges too!!!

photo 3 (1)3. Drying

The FUN part. (I hope the sarcasm was heard!) Give it a good two hours to dry; the “goopier” the paint the longer it takes to dry. We painted in the morning and didn’t do step 4 until after the kids went to bed. But if you want to continue, give it a good two hours to ensure solid dryness.

photo 14. Taping

Here’s where you can really get creative. I paint regularly so I had painter’s tape laying around the house. You can pick up a roll at any hardware store for roughly 3-5 dollars depending on the thickness of the tape. My husband did the one to the right and I did the one to the left. It was fun to do together. Keep in mind, everything covered by the tape is what will be seen. You can create any type of pattern you want with the tape. I went with a basic design, but feel free to make it complicated!

photo 25. Paint Again

Paint it white! Use two coats and try to stay over the parts of the canvas that is showing. If you try for one heavy coat it will make the tape too wet and you could risk the tape bowing and the paint seeping underneath. Two coats worked just fine for me. Let it dry on the first coat, and let it dry about halfway on the second, then pull up the tape. Side note: you don’t have to use white. You can use black, or purple or red, or whatever you want to make it your own. I like white so that’s what I chose.

photo 36. Finishing Touches

When the second coat of white paint is halfway dry, carefully pull up the tape. You pull it up while wet so it doesn’t peel off the canvas when dry (something that can happen with any paint). Admire your work then hang it for others to admire! Easy peasy!

I had my husband hang it because he’s a perfectionist when it comes to hanging things straight, but I have a nice trick if you want to hang it yourself. Place toothpaste on the back of the canvas where you plan to hang it, then, with the toothpaste on, place your canvas against the wall and gently push. When you pull the painting off the wall, there should be a nice bit of toothpaste left. Place your nail or hook where the toothpaste is, clean off the toothpaste and hang your picture! So easy to get a nice clean line, especially if you plan on making more than one and hanging them together!

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