Mary Mohler Who?

MKM 8.11 cropped edited with colorI suspect that many of you are wondering who Mary Mohler is (our September Conference guest speaker).  At best, perhaps, you’ve heard that she’s married to Al Mohler, who is the president of SBTS. But you don’t really know anything about him either.  Bottom line, you’re not familiar with who she is, her style of teaching, and much less what kinds of things she has taught on.   

I personally have had the testimonies of a couple of women whom have sat under Mary’s teaching both at the seminary (where she teaches seminary wives), and at a conference.  And these women have nothing but good things to say about Mary’s rich teaching and godly character.   

But I wanted you all to get a glimpse of who she is so that you all could share in our eagerness to hear her speak come this fall! And here’s what I found. So grab your drink of preference, send the kiddos to play or rest, and get ready to get to know Mary a bit.  There’s a variety of things you can watch, listen, or read.    

GirlTalk did a four part series interview with Mary a few years back.  They did an excellent job asking a variety of questions.  You will find this interview, though a bit old, very insightful.  

Click on each link below to read the interview:


Part 1 

Part 2 

Part 3 

Part 4

Over at SBTS you can find a few resources on the topics of Modesty and Biblical Womanhood that Mary has taught on.  

And finally, here are a couple of videos that I’m confident you will enjoy and find helpful: 

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