A Year in Homemaking: Back to School on a Budget {Week 30}

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This week I thought it would be fitting to ask Melanie to write a back to school post. She does a great job laying out the best price points and when to shop.

With four kids in school now I have learned a few tricks to getting everyone ready for the first day of school without breaking the bank.    

Once you start to see the dreaded school supply isle begin to emerge in the stores you know the sales are soon to follow.  This usually occurs after July 4th (far to early in my opinion). The biggest trick to saving money on school supplies is to shop early.  Stores will begin to advertise school supplies in their sales papers offering select items each week.  You will save a lot of money by just stocking up on the items on sale that week. I say stock up because if you buy a few more pencils, crayons ect. then what is on the list then you will have extra on hand when you run out of pencils around December.  

 If you’re a ONE and done type of person then you can always price match competitors ad’s at Walmart, Target, and ShopKo to name a few.  Almost all stores get in on the back to school sales but they do not always offer great deals. I have found school supplies at Menards & Piggly Wiggly (random I know) for less than the Dollar Store.

 I’m not partial to specific brands on many school items but there are a few things that are better when it’s a known brand. Crayola crayons to name one; sorry, there is just no comparison to Rose Art there!   Backpacks are the other. It’s worth it to spend a few more dollars and get a JanSport backpack instead of the character ones. I mention JanSport because they actually come with a warranty and they are really not all that pricey. We currently have three backpacks that have lasted six years! 

Last but not least is the clothes, shoes, socks, and undies.  These are the real money suckers.  This is actually the best time of year to stock up on socks and underwear. Not just for the kids but the grownups too.  Fruit of the Loom and Hanes will add extra items to the normal package for back to school sales so you get more for less.  Also, watch for gift card deals at Target that make this an even bigger savings.  As far as clothes go you can find some decent deals but I actually prefer to wait until the end of September when all the back to school clothing lines go clearance.  You can do some major stocking up and save a lot of money this way.  This would also be the time to shop all the other school items that will be clearance. Shoes, lunch boxes, backpacks, just to name a few. 

So, all in all being frugal for back to school purchases comes down to being patient and stocking up when things are on sale.  Happy Shopping!!!

Stock up prices for school supplies

Crayons- $0.25

Writing Pencils- $.50- $1.00 (10ct or higher)

Colored Pencils & Markers- $0.50

Folders- $0.10


Filler Paper- $0.10

Erasers- $0.20

Dry Erase Markers- $0.50-$-1.00

Highlighters- $0.50-$1.00 

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