A Year in Homemaking: Beginner Garden Update {Week 27}

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I thought I would take this week to give you a little garden update.  We are brand new to gardening and we are definitely learning as we go.  Things have been flourishing in our garden and we have already been able to enjoy harvesting a few things!  We have also ran into a few issues that we have had to address.

Why don’t we start with the problems we have encountered, in hopes that it may help you out if you decide a home garden may be in your future.  The first few weeks of our garden went really well.  Everything seemed to be growing really well and weeding was easy to manage.  Our strawberry plants were just starting to form a few strawberries and then the next morning…they were gone!  Some little critters stole them and they must be stopped.  Ha!  So, we felt it would be a good idea to build a little fence around the garden out of chicken wire.  My hubby also built a little gate door to get in and out easily.  

full garden showing fenced

Our bed of cantaloupe and winter squash was growing so quickly and we had to make the decision to grow them vertically.  There was no way we could keep them contained in that 4×4 bed.  I did a lot of research online and we came to the decision to build a trellis or two out of conduit, re-bar, and trellis netting.  This has been a great way to help allow the vines to spread out and also not take over the entire yard.  We even have at least one butternut squash that has started getting bigger!

squash trellis

We have made some additions to our pea and cucumber bed since you last saw it.  They needed something to climb.  I added three trellises and for the peas, they STILL needed more room.  I went back through and added some bamboo sticks and garden twine to give them even more to grab on to.  Once the peas started to flower, we were able to start enjoying some sugar snap peas and snow peas, and let me tell you …THEY ARE DELICIOUS!!  I watched so many videos where the gardener would say “ Your produce will taste so much better than at the store, you will never want to go back,” and I always thought to myself, “How much different can it really be?”  Well, I get it now!!!  The peas are delicious, the lettuce, well… it is lettuce, but delicious none the less, and the ONE strawberry was very good. I am looking forward to trying all of the other foods that we planted in our garden.

peaspeas cuke lettuce onion carrots etc

Our tomato plants are really taking off and getting a TON of fruit!!!!  I am collecting recipes now for tomato sauce, catsup, bruschetta, you name it!!!  I am going to have to have a plan for when ALL of those tomatoes are ready for harvest!!  


I think that my cucumbers were in transplant shock for a while, because it seemed like they weren’t growing at all.  And now, they have taken off!  I have a few cucumbers growing too!  


I have a few bell peppers that are getting to a nice size.  This one is a purple one!!!  Never had purple, but can’t wait to try it!

purple pepper

So far, our garden has been a great experience.  We have been learning a ton and have even talked a little about what we would change for next year.  The garden has turned into my 5th baby. I wake up every morning and go outside to check on it and see how everything is doing.  It is fun to see just HOW much the garden can change overnight!

I would love to know if any of you are growing any foods this summer!  How are your plants doing?  Have you been able to enjoy harvesting anything yet?  Have you run into any problems yet?  Would love to hear from you!!


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