A Year in Homemaking: DIY Sidewalk Chalk {Week 26}

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I’ve had this craft on one of my Pinterest boards for 2 years now.  It’s always been a, “Oh, I should do that!” thing.  (I know many of you have been there, done that!) We finally tried it this past week. Here are the easy instructions, and at the end of this blog is my critique. Enjoy!

PicMonkey Collage 1Items you’ll need:

-A few toilet paper rolls (or paper towel tubes cut in half)


-Duct tape

-Wax paper

-Disposable container (for mixing)

-3/4 cup of warm water

-1 ½ cup of Plaster of Paris

-2-3 tbsp of tempera paint

-Paper bag/newspaper (for making the mess on)

Step 1: Cover the end of each tube with duct tape

Step 2: Cut pieces of wax paper (as many pieces as toilet paper rolls). Roll the wax paper loosely and fit into toilet paper roll (so that it lines the inside of the roll). **Once I fitted it to the toilet paper roll, I took the wax paper out and used tape to keep it at its size.  This kept the edges from folding in once I poured the chalk recipe in.  I also trimmed the top of the wax paper so it was closer to the top of the tube.

Step 3: Pour warm water into mixing container.  Sprinkle Plaster of Paris in water and mix. (The plaster starts hardening fast, so this step and the next step need to happen quickly)

Step 4:  Pour paint into the mixture. *There is some sort of chemical reaction when this happens and the mixture begins to harden quickly, so pour the mixture into the tubes immediately after paint is fully mixed in. The more paint, the brighter the color.

Step 5: Stand each tube (duct tape side down) and pour mixture in. *Using a spoon is very helpful. Tap the tube on the table to prevent air bubbles and cause the mixture to fall to the very bottom.

Step 6: Let dry for three days. On the last day take the duct tape off and stand up on the opposite end.

PicMonkey Collage 2My Critique:

This recipe is very cost efficient if you plan on making a lot of chalk. The pieces are huge so they will last a long time.  It isn’t toddler friendly at all.  I gave up on doing it with Quinn and did it during nap time because the mixture starts drying rapidly. There is no way a 2 year old can mix the paint in thoroughly, much less in the time it takes for the mixture to not harden too much. I like the product though, and so did Quinn! The chalk works really well and writes smoothly. I ended up making a tie-dye effect when I tried making different colored ends. Pretty cool.

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