A Year in Homemaking: Final Garden Update {Week 36}

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IMAG2288I thought I would post one last garden update for the season!  This year was kind of a hard year to start a garden.  We ended up with a very cool summer and I planted many things that thrive in the heat.  I did love the experience of having a garden and am already looking forward to next year.  Everything that came out of our garden was delicious and very rewarding to know that we grew it ourselves.  

I can tell you that everything in our garden did not go as smoothly as planned.  It seemed that we were plagued with a few diseases on our plants and I was tested in my ability to diagnose them as fast as possible and try to treat them.  I think a lot of these problems occurred because of the cooler wet weather.  

All in all, we did end up with a pretty nice harvest this year.  We ended up with about 10-12 pounds of tomatoes, 3 pounds of carrots, about 30-40 cucumbers (these are still going), a few bell peppers (there are still a bunch outside ripening), 30-40 jalapenos, 18 pounds of butternut squash, 10-12 pounds of acorn squash, and 4-5 big harvests of lettuce.  I was very pleased.  I am having fun cooking with everything.  

IMAG2290So far we have made butternut squash soup, cream cheese stuffed jalapenos wrapped in bacon, bruschetta, salsa, balsamic tomatoes on pizza, and we have eaten cucumbers almost every day.

I feel like it was a learning experience, but it was worth every penny we invested.  Next year we will have a better layout and plan and will be praying for an even bigger harvest!  There is a joy in growing your own food and knowing there are no chemicals on or in any of it!  



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