A Year in Homemaking: 4 Simple Daily Tasks for Keeping Your Home Clean {Week 41}

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Unlike some of my friends, I hate cleaning. I find that I just over-think the whole process and get overwhelmed. The following tips are the types of encouragement and help I need to get me going. It meets me right where I am on a daily basis while in the midst of taking care of kids, home, and other responsibilities.

Becky, at www.CleanMama.net, is so wonderful to follow regarding taking care of your home in the cleaning sense. So many wonderful and helpful tips and tricks for people like me, who this does not come naturally for.  

I would like to share one of her posts that she wrote in her series, Modern Day Housekeeping: 4 Daily Tasks That Make Life Easier.  I will list the four tasks below, but I encourage you to click on her link and read the entire post. 🙂

4 Daily Tasks That Make Life Easier:

1-CHECK FLOORS: Sweep or vacuum if necessary. Keep a small broom and dust pan (or my favorite battery-powered sweeper) for the kids to help; They’ll love it.

2-COUNTERS: Clear and wipe down the kitchen counters, kitchen table (after each meal), and the bathroom counter.  Tackle it little by little, all day long, instead of letting it all pile up. (This is a hard one for me.)

3-CLUTTER: Spend 5-10 minutes per day tackling daily clutter: like toys, mail, clothes, and other odds and ends. Make it a family thing by setting a timer and all the kids and parents put stuff away for 5 minutes. You’d be surprised at how much you can get down in 5 minutes.

4-LAUNDRY: Do at least one load of laundry, from start to finish [washed to folded to put away], everyday.

Now, who wants to keep me accountable to these tasks?!  🙂 

Do you have a routine?  What’s included in your daily routine that helps you manage your home and keep it organized and clean? We want to hear it!


  1. When Ben was born I promised myself that I wouldn’t let the kitchen stay dirty (dishes, etc.) overnight. I always hated waking up to a mess from the day before. It made me want to leave it sit there evendors longer. This promise to myself was hard to get started, but I’m so glad I did it! I never wake up unprepared for the day, and if someone stops over I’m not scrambling to clean up. It brings a lot of peace to my daily routine.

  2. A great tip I learned years ago was to put cleaning supplies right where you need them for quick touch-ups. For example, I now have a bottle of spray cleaner and a rag and/or sponge under EACH bathroom sink in addition to under the kitchen sink. This way I am more apt to spot clean rather than say “Oh, I have to go all the way to the kitchen –or when I’m in the basement bathroom–all the way upstairs to get the cleaner—I’ll get it LATER..” So handy—I can quickly run the sponge around the sink or squirt toilet bowl cleaner in the basement commode any time I run down to do a load of laundry. Works great!

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