A Year in Homemaking: An Ordered Heart Leads to an Ordered Home-Part 1 {Week 44}

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There’s a lot of information out there regarding “organizing”.  Some of it can be over the top and costly in time, money and energy.   Some tips turn into way more information than is needed or even desired! So if you’re searching for more efficient ways to bring order into your daily homemaking tasks, it’s best to keep them simple, flexible and tailored to your family’s lifestyle.

Proverbs14.1It’s also important, since I am a Christian that I remember my motive is to bring glory to Christ, and honor my husband in my desires and motives I have for keeping my family organized. We’ve all seen both ends of the spectrum from chaos to ‘stinking clean’ households who were miserable because the lady of the house made ‘her housekeeping’, or lack of it, her identity.  My identity is my union with Christ.  Yes, theology has everything to do with homemaking/housekeeping skills.  We all live our theology every day in our motives, desires, thoughts and beliefs. What we think in our hearts will show up in where we live life.  And we live life mainly in our homes with our families.  Love God. Love your neighbor.  Your spouse, and kids, (if you’ve been blessed this way) is your closest neighbor.  I won’t spend a lot of time on motives, but will stress the importance of laying proper foundations.  What you believe will determine if you even care.  So if you’ve read this far I assume that you do care, and want to direct your heart toward God, and serve your family through an organized home. Let’s get started.

  1. Take time to examine your own heart as to why you desire to have an organized home(who are you seeking to please? (1 Cor.10:31)
  2. Enlist the support of your husband. Make sure he knows your desire, as well as your frustrations. Ask him what is important to him. Try to talk together regarding personal preferences, as well as what would help both of you serve and love each other.
  3. As your children see you two seeking to make this happen and working together on it you will make it easier for them to join you.  Make sure they see and know that you  are seeking to please God, and serve each other. Kids are always watching how spouses treat each other. Loving and respecting each other deeply in front of them is a real deterrent to rebellion.
  4. Think about how your family starts and ends their day. For example every family needs food, clothing, shelter, transportation, obligations, school, jobs, pets, church, etc.   Start with  a very brief outline with your day.  Then go through your husband’s day; your kids, pets, and  other people you regularly see and do things with.  Ask your husband and kids what’s important  to them, and how we can address it.  A family meeting helps. But sometimes just talking at the dinner table and in the car works too.  It doesn’t have to get bogged down with too many details.  Think brainstorming. We are in the setting up the foundation stage.

Next time we will talk about how to lay out our day.  Specifically, how to prepare ahead for the next morning, and so on.   Proverbs 14:1 says, “The wise woman builds her house. But the foolish woman pulls it down with her hands.”  Always take time, take pains in the preparation stage.  It’s part of ‘counting the cost’ mindset. Many lose heart along the way.  To prepare yourself for next time, read Matthew 11:28-30.   

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