A Year in Homemaking: Family Advent Devotional {Week 46}

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Prepare Him Room: Family Advent Devotional

Thanksgiving is in view, and with that the Advent season will soon be here.   This is a very important time of the year for Christians.  Not only for the obvious celebration of God’s incarnation as a humble babe, but also as a reminder that we are to live in the world but not of it (Rom. 12:2). In a culture that is so consumed with, well, consumerism, it is important for us to preach the truth of Christmas to our children.  This season must be saturated with Christ alone; thus, the tradition of Advent devotionals.  

prepare him room imageThere is an opportunity this season for a fresh, new devotional.  Prepare Him Room: Celebrating the Birth of Jesus, written by Marty Machowski of Convenant Fellowship Church, is a short family devotional that pairs seamlessly with the new Sovereign Grace Music album “Prepare Him Room.”  

The book is laid out into four parts (representing the four weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas). Each part contains three chapters (to be split up within the week), and ends with a final chapter to be read on Christmas day.  Within each chapter is a “Warm-up,” which gives context or background to the bible reading that follows, a reflection reading, a discussion reading, prayer, and singing (incorporating the new Sovereign Grace album).  Each of the four parts (weeks) includes an installment to the short story Bartimaeus: A Christmas Story, which is well suited for school-aged children, and a craft or activity.  There is even Christmas cookie recipes.

The chapters are very well done.  They are fluently written and have beautiful illustrations.  Each one consists of many activities, so it would be fairly easy to pick and choose based upon the developmental level(s) of your child(ren).  The bible reading and reflective questions are solid, and easy to gear towards every age.  Of course, I am a huge fan of the pairing of the book and album.  Not only is the word of God opened, but you also have the opportunity to sing back truths with your child(ren) out of thankfulness and praise.  This is an important aspect that has always lacked in every other advent devotional I have done.  It is vital for our children to see that singing and praising the Lord is apart of our Christian walk. More importantly, we know it pleases the Lord because He commands it (Col. 3:16).  Sovereign Grace makes it so enjoyable with the updated Christmas Carol’s and new original carols  on their album.

If you are interested, the book is available through Amazon and Sovereign Grace’s website.  The ablum is available for purchase on the website and iTunes, or you can listen for free on Spotify.

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