A Year in Homemaking: How to Eat Out on a Budget {Week 45}

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All of us would like to treat our families out for dinner every once in a while, but it is not always very affordable.  We are a family of six on one income.  Going out to eat is not always an option.  I would love to give you some tips and tricks in order to help you make it more affordable to eat out!  These are some great ways to be good stewards of our income and also be able to give our kids a special night out for birthdays, or any other special occasion.

Dining Out GraphicFirst off, go on your favorite restaurant websites and sign up for their e-mail clubs.  Many of them will send you coupons for free appetizers or dessert just for signing up, and they may also send you something for free on your birthday!  I know, I know…you are thinking “I don’t want another junk e-mail sent to me.”  So, don’t have it sent to your main e-mail account!  Set up another e-mail just for coupons and e-mails of this nature.  These free meals/desserts/appetizers can be a great way to bring down your cost for date night or just a night out with your family.

Websites like Groupon.com or Restaurant.com can be great ways to save on your night out.  Many times they will offer great discounts on gift cards to restaurants!

Next, if you have children, it would be in your best interest to find out what restaurants offer a “Kids Eat Free” night during the week.  I know here in Kenosha, Chili’s offers kids eat free on Tuesdays and Charcoal Grill has it on Wednesdays.  Even better, both of these places allow two children free per adult!  For us, this is great!!!  This really cuts down on the cost of taking everyone out to eat!!

Lastly, this is the time of year to look for gift card deals.  There are many restaurants that are offering deals where if you buy a $50 gift card, they will give you a free $25 gift card.  Not all places offer a deal that great, but many offer a free gift card when you purchase a specific value gift card.  This is a great way to save on your future visits.  For example, I can purchase $75 in gift cards to Charcoal grill right now for $50 and then turn around and use these on kids eat free nights!  This is a great way to stretch that $ out to be able to treat your family out without breaking the bank.

Do you have any other ways to save when eating out?  Please share them in the comment section!!

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