Giving Thanks to the Creator of Traditions

Personally, I love the whole dance of the Thanksgiving holiday.  Whether I host one dinner or three, like last year, I always look forward to the readying of my home and the gathering of recipes for this holiday.  It has taken me a few years of practice to develop my own style of entertaining but now I can confidently say, I enjoy the whole process.  There is something good about the hard work and the feel of achy feet and heavy eyes after days of planning, cleaning, and hours of cooking.  

But what I find most fascinating about this holiday is that it is a very American holiday. Though it is sandwiched between two other big holidays, the country still stops (ok, maybe just puts on the brakes now) and feasts.  I get that non-believers do not honor God, nor do they give Him thanks.  (Rom. 1:21)  But I am grateful we have this holiday still.  To you, this may not mean much, but as someone who came from a culture full of traditions, this is unlike anything I’ve seen before.   I dare to challenge you to find a holiday where an entire country sets out to feast with pretty much the same meal AND to give thanks.   

Of course, it matters to whom we give thanks.  It matters greatly that our thanksgiving be given to God.  After all, God is the inventor of traditions and feasts!  From the beginning of time he’s been calling his people to set a time to rest, to feast, and to remember. It reaches down to our very humanness when God calls his people to a special remembrance and feast.  We are forgetful people.  And we learn by repetition.  Not only that, that is how, we, His people, are supposed to pass on our heritage of faith.  By telling, and retelling.  Thus, as Christians, we should enter these seasons of celebration with eagerness and joy.  

esme's thanksgiving imageGiving thanks to God is just another way of connecting with our Heavenly father:  In our daily prayer – we must give thanks, in our daily lives – we must give thanks, AND in our special holidays – we must give thanks.  They all point us to what God has done, is doing, and will do.  So today I am grateful for the God of our traditions; for they remind me that He is faithful.  

Happy Thanksgiving my friends and may your tables shine with joy…and grandma’s china and gold ware!  (Good grief…I switched the fork and spoon! Leave it to me…ha! )

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