A Year in Homemaking: An Ordered Heart Leads to an Ordered Home/Part Two {Week 47}

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One of my most vivid memories is of my mom falling asleep in the piles of laundry from her 7 children.  Are you weary Mom? Overwhelmed? Sleep deprived?  “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and My burden is light.” Matthew 11:28-30.

Housework is boring, and repetitive.  So this and that. Fill in the blanks.  What does Matthew 11 and last week’s verse I Cor. 10:31, doing all things for His glory have to do with me being tired, bored, etc.?  Just as you get your work and responsibilities from Christ you get your rest and purpose too.  Keeping your heart focused on Christ will guard it from a discontented, rights oriented belief. We always act out these beliefs, in attitude or actions.  For example, being lazy, or anxious, or depressed is a belief that I have a right to dictate whether I get a full night’s rest, have enough money, or am allowed ‘me time’, etc.

We’re going to order our next day, by preparing the night before. But I’m exhausted, you say, and the highlight of my day is going to bed!  We’re in PJs all day!  And the kids jump in the laundry mountains…. Well, last week we talked of a desire to please God by keeping an ordered home. We enlisted our husbands imput and support. Our kids are going to be included and guided, as able, to help too. So here’s a very brief outline of me ordering my day the night before. You can customize yours.

  1. You, and kids lay out clothes each night
  2. Make lunches; lunch $$; prepare snacks, water
  3. Stuff to take with you in morning must be put  in designated spot ready to go into car/ to school, work:  purse, briefcase, phones, laptops, backpacks, library books, coupons, grocery bags(Aldis), shoes, boots, $$$$, coffee travel mug, etc.
  4. Set out on counter menu/stuff for supper(transfer frozen foods/meats from freezer to frig)
  5. Set out breakfast foods, etc. on table
  6. Feed pets/walk or let them out for night
  7. Laundry? Put another load in, or fold, put away(or just prepare to wash it all next day)
  8. Gas in car? Antifreeze needed (Honey, can you help☺)
  9. Go thru entire house scanning for stuff to put back into place; teach kids to do this each night
  10. Set your alarm and kiss spouse goodnight!  I usually read/pray a few minutes each night

Morning! Mom, try to be the first one up and ready. Read Bible/pray if you can(esp. if you missed last night) Sick kids can alter the best of plans. Wake the kids, and work your plan the best you can, involving everyone.  Make notes, and calls, menus,  inventory fridge and pantry.  Do laundry, dishes, bill paying, computer work while kids sleep, or give them some stuff to do too.  

Customize your own plan.  Know your household needs and how to keep it running.  Plans and schedules will always be subject to change. That’s guaranteed and dependent on God’s sovereign grace, of course.   Next time we will outline the problem of clutter and downsizing!

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