A Year in Homemaking: Holiday Hospitality {Week 49}

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Hello, Ladies! Well, the holiday season is quickly upon us and with that will come preparing our homes to welcome friends and family. There are a few things I do every year that are on my go-to list.

The first thing I like people to see when they come to my house is a holiday wreath. You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to craft a wreath. We do have Pinterest after all. You also do not need anything fussy, a green Christmas wreath from Michael’s with a cute ribbon and your last initial would be a simple way to give your guests the impression that you are a good steward of your home and care about making a nice first impression.

popereThe second thing: appeal to people’s senses. We will start with smell.  I buy this potpourri with a 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby every year. I keep it burning throughout the holiday season and it fills the house with a beautiful smell. You can achieve the same effect with a yummy candle or a homemade potpourri recipe. One I have tried before is to boil orange peels with 1 tsp. of cinnamon.

I am a little over the top with my Christmas decorating. I love Christmas! However, you do not need to spend a lot of money to decorate your home. We are blessed to live in a place where many of us have access to free pine cones and pine branches. Decorate with nature for free. Spray painting branches white or gold and sticking them in a vase, can be an attractive free centerpiece. I also love to use what I already have and decorate around those items; vintage boxes, trays, lanterns, and bowls. Fill these containers with Christmas balls and pine cones and they can complement your Christmas Décor.

I also love a good sign. There are countless free sign ideas you can make on Pinterest.  I use several chalkboards in my home that you can write your own message or Bible verse on. These become another way to share the holiday message with company.

hot chocolate barOne of my favorite things to do every year is create a hot chocolate bar for my kids and guests. This bar appeals to adults and kids who love to make a yummy warm drink. Because I keep it stocked I always have something to offer those guests

These are simple ideas to make your home inviting over the holidays. May we all remember the true focus is the birth of our Lord Jesus.  May we be willing to open our home to others.

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