A Year in Homemaking: Organization on a Budget {Week 48}

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If you are anything like me, you have gone on Pinterest and pinned link after link of beautiful baskets and bins that you would love to organize your home.  You have looked back at those links, and realized how unrealistic it would be to actually achieve those pins as they are very expensive.  So, how can we make our homes feel more organized and functional, but still stick to our budget?  

angie collage 1The dollar store will become your best friend.  😉  The past few months I have been making little trips to Dollar Tree and have found some really great bins/baskets to help de-clutter my kitchen.  I started with my spice cabinet.  Every time I would try to find the one I was looking for, I would somehow manage to knock a few down onto my counter.  It would get very frustrating.  I just wanted a system to keep them organized and contained.  I found these perfect sized skinny long bins at the $1 store.  They fit all of my spices in them and left a perfect space for my smaller bottles in between.  I love them and they are perfect for what I needed.  

I moved around the kitchen and came up with my problem areas like the bags of coffee that were ever so carefully balanced so they wouldn’t fall down, the drawer where gadgets became tangled up and would somehow get stuck where the drawer would no longer open, the yogurt in the fridge, etc.  There were plenty of spaces that just needed a little more organization to feel tidy.  Some of the bins came 2/$1 and 3/$1, so it really was a very inexpensive project.

angie collage 2My other suggestion would be to watch for sales and clearance from other places like Target, Container Store, homedecorators.com, etc.  Last week I was able to score some Martha Stewart Fabric drawers for my living room for 50% off the already reduced sale price.  It was a great deal.  

Tackling different areas will slowly make your house feel more like home.  It will feel more clean and de-cluttered.  I think it is important to strive to have my home feel this way when my husband comes home from a long day at work and also when we have others over.  Even with four little ones running around the house, if everything has a place, then it is much easier and quicker to clean up.  I am thankful that I can accomplish this bit by bit on a small budget.  

Comment below on where you like to shop for organizational bins/storage items and what areas of your home you have tacked.

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