Some Ideas to Help You Focus on the Greatest Gift Ever Given & Rejoice!

Do you struggle with celebrating Christmas in your heart? The commercial aspect of Christmas can drown out the precious meaning of this amazing holiday. Everywhere you go you are reminded of not getting that gift yet for your neighbor, or you still haven’t finished all your Christmas cards. Or you have lots of plans to show your children the true meaning of Christmas but the refrigerator just died and you were planning on making yummy treats for gifts, or there is a deadline at work that your employer is dropping hints about on a daily basis. I have a sister whose mom, who lives in another state, is dying a slow and painful death right now. Trials and testings don’t take time off for Christmas do they? But, you know that if you’re a Christian this should be one of the  holidays that is the most treasured, therefore, we should have much rejoicing during this time of year!

I’m writing this because if we could just stop for a moment and remember we could be overwhelmed with thankfulness, which could cause us to rejoice regardless of our circumstances. We could be the person that our gracious Father uses, because of our rejoicing, to encourage our husband, our children, a co-worker, a sister, or show our neighbor a beautiful picture of our Savior in the midst of life and trials!

I’m so happy that Strengthening Women is posting a daily Advent Reading! If we could, regardless of how much we have to do, take a minute to read and meditate on these posts, we could begin our day rejoicing! We could use them for our children’s devotional time in the morning and purpose to talk about our unfathomable gift of Christ with our children all day. “All day” when my kids were little meant at meal times, times of correction, and before bed. At work you could read these Advent treasures, before you work through lunch, so that you can meet that deadline and be faithful to show your co-workers the diligent and hard working employee that Matt spoke about in his sermon yesterday.  Allow these reminders of the birth of our Lord to keep you from being crabby due to the pressure!

As you remember our most valued Gift of forgiveness, love, and hope plan to minister to those that our Father has put in your life who have needs or are experiencing trials. Yes, this is one more thing to do, however, they are already on your Christmas list anyway, right? Some small token or even a card is all you need. This way you can obey Him and show compassion and kindness and receive the blessing that accompanies obedience, which is joy! Obedience to this  command to show love also creates peace just as remembrance in your heart can show your children or a co-worker our Emmanuel.

There are many ways that we can remember the Greatest Gift of all time. Listening to good Christmas music such as Sovereign Grace’s Christmas CD, watching a Christmas movie with your kids, you know what I mean, a movie with the real Christmas Story as opposed to the Veggie Tales version. You can read through the portions of the bible that lead up to the Christmas Story so that when you read the Christmas Story on Christmas Day, you or your children have more of this unthinkably loving story of God’s plan to forgive the sin that He despises and include us in His family.

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